Social Media and National Agendas

Article by Vincent Dato-on

The average general public will believe most published things of what they read.  Facebook posts, tweets, or news headlines alike garner the same amount of attention when published.  However, how do they affect credibility?  In today’s world people, from all backgrounds utilize social media platforms.  Whether it’s a college student, stay at home mom, star athletes, celebrities, corporate mangers, and even world leaders utilize social media.  What was once a simple way to connect with friends and family has also become a platform where important business decisions, political platforms, marketing, and much more are done.

In recent weeks, all eyes have been on Syria.  Whether or not the United States is going to intervene and how other nations are responding to the crisis are have become hot button topics.  One of the propelling forces that have driven news and information about the turmoil in the region has been social media.  The leaders of the world- such Syria’s president, are being constantly watched on their social media accounts.  What the leaders say and post on social media have a profound impact on national sentiments and goals.  The following image was posted by the Philadelphia Inquirer accompanied with an article regarding their views on the Syrian President using Instagram.


Our own President Obama is also active on social media.  An article reflects on the our president’s motives behind the use of social media.  Right now, it is being used as an important springboard to implement the administrations agenda.


(President Obamas Twitter Profile)

Yes, world leaders are also human and have every right to utilize social media just as much as we do.  However, because of their role in society, they must realize the magnitude of everything that is posted.  Just one error, one forgotten word, one forgotten punctuation mark, can change the way a message is perceived.  Incompetency is not what world leaders want to look like to the rest of the world.   Especially in a time of turmoil and war, prominent figures need to be careful on what they post on social media.  In today’s world, what happens in private usually never stays private, especially when your role is in charge of a nation.


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