24 Hours Without Social Media

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On Tuesday night at midnight I made the decision to go 24 hours without social media to see how much I would miss it, which sights I would miss the most, if my day would be affected differently without it, and if I would miss any major online social events. After 24 hours without social media I turned on my Twitter to find over 30 connections, 20 plus notifications on Facebook, five missed Snapchats, while my Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, and Path accounts had zero missed activity. This was expected, though. I do most of my social media interaction on Twitter, I had just posted a new album on Facebook so had predicted likes on those pictures, five Snapchats a day is an average for me, and the other accounts I do minimal activity on.


So, did I miss it?

I’m not going to lie, I missed Twitter a lot. There were multiple occasions during the day where something funny happened to me and I wanted to tweet it but couldn’t. Friends asked me if I had seen a person’s tweet, or if I had heard about something else on Twitter, and, as I had to say no, I was once again reminded of my lack of social media for the day. When I was bored a few times I missed not being able to scroll through PInterest, Instagram, and my Twitter feed.

But what did I miss the most?

Twitter, Twitter, and Twitter. All of the other sights I could go without for longer periods of time, but Twitter would have been a struggle. I just love to tweet and it’s almost to the point where not being able to tweet makes me sad. I am truly addicted and I realize this and am perfectly fine with it.

Was my day affected?

Not negatively, but positively. Once I got over the habit of not being able to tweet, I found I got a lot more work done and a lot quicker. When I sat down to do homework, instead of going on Facebook for a few minutes like I normally do, I got right to the homework and finished it sooner. In class I was not tempted to scroll over feeds and thus I was also more attentive.

Did I miss any big events?

No, I didn’t miss anything really big. I got my news for the day from the paper instead of my Twitter feed, and my friends just told me any event that happened to them.


In the end, I would say this little experiment was fun for a day, but I do not think I would have enjoyed doing it for longer. My lifestyle and the lifestyle of a lot of my peers revolve around social media. I do not think it is a bad thing, and I think changing it would take a lot of time to get used to, not just for me but for hundreds of people just like me.


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