Snapchat – Should Companies Engage?

images-1Snapchat – is it an opportunity to send regrettable photos without getting caught, or is it social media’s next big platform?  According to Jefferson Graham’s article titled, “Snapchat takes off with a snap,” the online app that was founded in 2011 now generates 150 million “snaps” a day; that’s 110 million more images than are posted daily to Instagram.  The online app, which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, allows users to send a photo to friends that last between one to ten seconds.  At first glance, Snapchat offers a great opportunity for users to send silly photos to friends, but Graham suggests that it also serves as a platform to send nude photos without suffering the consequences.

Interestingly, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, two Stanford pals, first presented the idea to their classmates in 2011 during which New York representative Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal loomed all over the media.  According to Spiegel, his class was not enthusiastic about the idea, and he quit college and moved home where he launched Snapchat from his father’s dining room table (Graham).  While it started slowly, the firm is now valued at $50 million to $60 million, and analysts consider it the next big tech acquisition market (Graham).  So far, Snapchat does not bring in revenues but Spiegel plans to eventually sell advertising.

So with all this hype, can Snapchat actually benefit marketing efforts?  So far, the New Orleans Saints have introduced 24-hour Snapchats to keep their fans updated on news, but the same practice has not been widely adopted (Gamedayr).  On a more individual level, however, professional athletes have been on the forefront of releasing regrettable photos, and it has caused turmoil and embarrassment for professional teams.  Although “snaps” disappear after ten seconds, recipients can still screen shot the images and save them indefinitely.  Among professional athletes, some regrettable decisions include Santonio Holmes’ nude shower photo, Brett Favre’s genital shots to media members, and Rob Gronkowski posing naked with an adult film actress.  However, as long as the app is managed by their respective marketing departments, Gamedayr’s Snapchat article suggests that the app could increase social media engagement.

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2 responses to “Snapchat – Should Companies Engage?

  1. I am really surprised that people post more frequently to Snapchat than Instagram! I hardly ever hear people talk about Snapchat, while people are always pulling up their Instagram accounts to show me their recent pictures. Do you think people talk less about Snapchat because it implies that they send nude photos?

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