HootSuite: A Tool for Social Media Management

By Regina Galbick


With hundreds of popular social networking sites to join, the avid user eventually reaches a tipping point.

“How can I manage profiles on all these sites without spending every waking moment in front of the computer?”

“What can I do to effectively run a campaign across multiple social networks?”

“I want to measure activity, track results, and engage in conversations without repeating myself or forgetting to respond to potential clients.  What tool is available to help?”

Well, young padawan, listen up!  Because I’m about to show you the answer to all your questions, and the solution to problems you didn’t even know you had yet.


Right now, HootSuite is the most popular social media management tool on the web for individuals and businesses alike.

There are three options for membership:
FREE: manage up to 5 social profiles
PRO: manage up to 100 social profiles
ENTERPRISE: manage unlimited social profiles

All memberships include analytics reports, message scheduling, the ability to add and work with team members, app integration, RSS, and the option to use HootSuite University.  Additional features are included with Pro and Enterprise memberships.

In English?  With HootSuite, I can manage all my social media profiles using one dashboard.  I just connect my social media accounts to HootSuite, then select what information from each account I want streamed to my HootSuite dashboard.  For example, I can choose to stream my wall posts from Facebook, my mentions from Twitter, my updates from LinkedIn, and my blogs feed from WordPress.  Then, instead of logging in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress, I can just log in to HootSuite and view everything I’ve selected on one page at the same time.  I can even assign team members to different messages or posts within a stream so we know who will be responsible for engaging with each.


Check it out and let me know what you think!  https://hootsuite.com/  Additional reading is linked below.


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