Pros and Cons of Google Glass

By Sacha Bernards

The other night at work, one of the regular customers came into the bar wearing a pair of glasses that looked like they were part of the costume design from star trek.  I asked him what he was wearing, and he told me they were a new technology called Google Glass.  He let me try them on, and told me to say, “OK Glass, take a picture.”

The next thing I knew, the tiny glass screen in the upper right hand corner was essentially documenting my view.

No one knew that the internet was going to blow up like it did, and the first cellular telephone was a bit of a joke compared to what it’s evolved into.  So, upon trying on these unfamiliar frames, I couldn’t help but wonder, is this the future of social media technology, or a passing trend as fleeting as the Nanopets from the 90s?

So I decided to do some research , and find the potential pros and cons of these new shades of technology.

Futuristic looking But a bit before it’s time, and therefore nerdy
Ultimate hands free device The better to creep on you with
Listens to your voice If you talk nice to it
Exclusive So exclusive, you have to be invited to buy one
Technology of the future Of the porn industry
Very helpful For cheating at poker
Oh, the things you could do But probably shouldn’t

Essentially anything you can do on your phone, you can do with glass.  You can read the news, schedule things in your calendar, google search, take picture and video, and talk on the phone (but just like with smart phones, the phone part doesn’t work that well.)  After looking into some of these articles, it seems that there are a lot more ways to get creative with the device, especially if it gets into the wrong hands.

But whose are the wrong hands? Is Google Glass bad for society, or do we just have the newest technological scapegoat to excuse our socially unacceptable behavior?


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